A Northern European Martial Arts System

The Krigarenve is a Northern European martial arts form (or Western Martial Art, WMA), whose traditions, techniques, tactics and over all fighting arts styles can be traced back as far as the Gaul (a large country of Celtic or Germanic tribes that inhabited the European land mass next to the Roman Empire) of 1000BC. The Krigarenve is most well known and represented historically in the hand-to-hand fighting and grappling skills of the Vikings of ancient Europe, but shares similar roots as Pankration, being developed, historically, fighting both with and against the ancient Greeks and Persians.

Many people wanting to train in the martial arts look to their own heritage and history first. Some people simply have a great interest in the history of the Vikings and ancient tribes of Northern Europe, but most people have not had the opportunity or the knowledge that there was a Northern European martial arts option. Hopefully we can offer these people an option in the Krigarenve.

This is not to say that the Eastern Martial Arts do not offer many useful skills or to say that Krigarenve is superior in any of its techniques, as a mater of fact the Eastern Arts are very useful and well developed. Many of the Krigarenve Bragds (trick or technique) are very similar to other martial arts' techniques. Similarly styled techniques are very common from one fighting art to another, all fighting arts are based on the principal of manipulating the opponents body as efficiently as possible to defeat them. These physics are limited the constraints of the human form, so it is only logical that any people studying the human body for this exploitation are going to come to similar conclusions and experiences. A good comparison is to look at the similarities between Viking wrestling, Glima, and Japanese wrestling, Judo.

It is my opinion that any serious fighter can learn a lot from many of the Eastern Martial Arts. The Krigarenve was established to show that the Northern European tribes (including but not limited to the tribes of the Vikings Era) have just as much to offer to the martial arts community as any of the Eastern Arts, and have been around, and proven in battle, much longer then most Eastern styles. This also gives a person the option to learn a proven martial arts style without having to submerge yourself in Eastern or Asian philosophies or traditions that may not appeal to some people.