I.M.A.C. (International Martial Arts Coalition)


The International Martial Arts Coalition is a group of students and instructors from different martial arts disciplines, schools and clubs of many various international and cultural backgrounds, that all believe in using everything that we know to improve ourselves as fighters and warriors. We all come together from time to time throughout the year to cross train, share information and techniques, and try to learn from each others individual styles of fighting.

The International Martial Arts Coalition is built up of participants from styles including: Sira Combat Arnis, Karate, Kempo, Judo, MMA and Krigarenve just to name a few. As a group we work on a large variety of techniques in many ranges, including: grappling, striking and kicking, common hand weapons (both use and defense against) and firearms (both use and defense against), as well as any other techniques that any participant wants to share or train in.

You are not required to be a member to participate at a I.M.A.C. event, simply be open minded to other ideas, be willing to learn what others have to share and willing to share what you have to teach. To participate in an upcoming I.M.A.C. event please feel free to contact Vince or James on the contacts page of this website, James at Gorilla Warfare Martial Arts or Jason at Az.training group.

International Martial Arts Coalition Members

Gorilla Warfare Martial Arts
Mesa, AZ
Sira Combat Arnis. Our mission is to teach self defense at a higher level. With good people who want to train and learn.

AZ.Training Group
Payson, AZ
Sira Combat Arnis and MMA Training.

Mesa, AZ
The Krigarenve is a Northern European Martial Art based on ancient Viking and European tribal fighting styles.