Here are a list of links pertaining to the Krigarenve, its history or the viking people in general, both historically and in modern times.

Training Education and Research:

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
Website teaching the philosophies and principals of European Medieval Martial Arts.

Western Martial Arts Training Database
A resource for students of the Western Martial Arts.

The Dragon Preservation Society
Information on traditional Western Martial Arts.

European Historical Combat Guild
A syllabus of Viking combat training.

Cultural and Historical Research:

One of the missions of Hurstwic is to educate the public on topics related to the Viking Age.

Viking Warfare
A basic introduction to viking warfare.

Scandinavian and Viking Warfare
Chronicles of Viking battles.

The Viking Network
General information about Vikings and there lives.

The Viking Answer Lady
A great resource for everything viking related.

The British Library
The online interface to the British Library.

Viking Wrestling:

The International Glima Association
the official homepage of the International Glima Assosiation. The leading organisation for spreading the ancient and magnificent Glíma and its ilk.

The Viking Glima Federation
Viking Glima Federation is an international organisation that govern the standards required for authorized instructors of Glima. Viking Glima Federation deals with all aspects of Glima. This include training, competition, combat applications and theoretical as well as historical research.

The Gripping History of Glima
Glima translates literally as “The Game of Joy”, and is an art roughly 1100 years old. It was brought to Iceland by Viking settlers, and has been practiced as a folk art ever since.

Icelandic Wrestling
The Grappling Art of the Vikings!

Kampkunst fra vikingetiden
Glima er en kampkunst for alle unge og voksne. Ordet glima er oldnordisk, menes at betyde glædens leg, er også beslægtet med ordet glimt hvilket måske hentyder til hvor hurtigt en kamp kan gå.

Glima Nederland
Welkom bij Glima Nederland; een vereniging die een van de best bewaarde geheimen van de middeleeuwse krijgskunsten aan het licht brengt. Op de paginas van deze site vindt u informatie over ons, de verschillende stijlen en de geschiedenis van Glima - het Vikingworstelen.

Celtic Stick Fighting:

Whiskey Stick Dancing An Irish Stick Fighting Style
Rince an Bhata Uisce Bheatha isn't a form of Irish dance, it's a Doyle Clan's style of Irish stick fighting.

Shillelagh Irish Stick-Fighting
The Shillelagh is a symbol not of Irish violence and anger, but of what was once a coherent and respected tradition of the Irish martial art of stick or staff fighting.

Re-enactment Groups:

The Jomsvikings
The Jomsvikings are the world's leading Viking re-enactment organization.

ASK is the oldest Viking battle re-enactment group in Scandinavia.

Asatru Groups:

The Wanderer Kindred
Better gear then good sense a traveller cannot carry. Better then riches for a wretched man, far from his own home.

The Asatru Alliance
In kindreds throughout the world , Ásatrú groups gather regularly to practice a rapidly growing religion that was practiced on a large scale in Europe before the coming of Christianity.

Asatru Folk Assembly
Asatru is an expression of the native, pre-Christian spirituality of Europe.

The Ring of Troth
We in the Troth practice the Germanic/Norse religion of Heathenry, commonly referred to as Asatru.

The Heathen Nation
Heathen Nation is an organization established to facilitate camaraderie between the various European Heathen pre-Christian Traditions and to promote the growth and proliferation of Native European Traditionalism.

Viking Clothing, Jewelry, Gear and Weapons:

Celtic and Viking Craft-works.

Moebius Enterprises
Jewelry Fragrances Spa Experience Spiritual Tools Clothing & Textiles Candles and accessories Figurines/Fountains Miscellaneous Herbs and Resins Crystals and Gemstones Home Fragrance Massage Services Clearance Incense and Burners.

World Tree Publications
World Tree Publications is the outreach ministry of the Asatru Alliance, and is a recognized non-profit organization. All funds received are used to keep these items available and to promote the growth of Asatru.

Darksword Armory
Battle Ready Swords & Combat Ready Swords.
Darksword Armory is proud to offer battle ready medieval swords and Daggers to the SCA, LARP, and collectors of combat ready swords. Their medieval swords, armors and renaissance rapiers are collected throughout the world.

Viking Shield
Viking Shield specializes in high quality replicas from the Viking Age. We have a full line of swords, axes, shields, helmets, armor, statues, clothing, jewelry, drinking horns and also great gift items.

The Jelling Dragon
In the Jelling Dragon online re-enactment store you can buy battle ready weapons, costume accessories, living history supplies and museum replicas from Viking and Medieval times.

Museum Replicas Limited
Historically Accurate Battle-Ready Swords, Daggers, Axes and Helmets. Plus Shields, Jewelry, Period Clothing, Books & More.

The Northern Winds