Krigarenve Training Schedule

Every Wednesday
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Jefferson Park - Mesa, AZ

If you would like to attend a class or have any questions about training schedules or special training times and locations please email Vince for more information.

Training Levels of the Krigarenve

The system is formed on a non pre-structured training platform; there are no pre-arranged group forms (no katas). The techniques will be learned on an individual piece-by-piece template and honed using proven, timing, conditioning and training drills.

The system will be divided into nine (9) training levels and four (4) promotional stages.

A new student is a Gestir (guest or beginner). This stage consists of the first three training levels. The first three training levels are as follows:
1.  A proficient knowledge of Striking, Kicking and Defensive Bragds
2.  A proficient understanding of Glima (Icelandic Wrestling) History and Techniques and an improvement in the previous Bragds
3.  A proficiency in falling Bragd and a basic understanding of first quarter of the throwing Bragd and an improvement in all previous Bragds

Upon successful completion of the first three training levels the gestir can be promoted to a Dreng (combatant), witch consists of three more training levels. These three training levels are:
1.  A proficient knowledge of most of the throwing Bragd (most being determined by the Jarl (chief instructor) in charge of promotion, but no less then two-thirds of the throws) and an improvement in all previous Bragds
2.  A proficient knowledge in grappling Bragd and an improvement in all previous Bragds
3.  A basic understanding of the use and function of the stav and Viking tactics and an improvement in all previous Bragds

After a student has proficiently mastered the first six training levels they can be promoted to a Styrsmen (experienced combatant) witch will in-tail three more training levels and a much more demanding and detailed mastery of all previous training levels. The three new training levels are as follows:
1.  A demonstrated skill in short axe handle, saex and Viking philosophies and an improvement in all previous Bragds
2.  A demonstrated skill in axe and spear and an improvement in all previous Bragds
3.  A demonstrated skill in sword and shield, as-well-as leadership teaching techniques and a basic mastery in all previous Bragds

The final promotion beyond this point requires a complete understanding of all techniques, tactics and philosophies as well as the ability to demonstrate and teach each of them.

Once all training levels have been mastered to the same degree (or better) of the instructor they may be promoted to the rank of Jarl and will be encouraged to start a training hof of there own. The level of a Jarls rank shall be determined by both the years spent in the Krigarenve and the Jarl's personal idrottir combined (such as; swimming skills, horseback riding, fire arms skills, historical knowledge and so forth).

If you are interested in training with us, or a training schedule and locations, please contact Vince with your Name, Contact information, and Questions.